Ninjaspy Demands You To ‘Speak’ – Skullsnbones Metal Social Network

Did y’all know reggae metal fusion was a thing? Apparently, in Vancouver it is.

The formula – at least in Ninjaspy’s “Speak” – is a chilled reggae inspired verse followed by a pre-chorus that runs a little faster until it jumps off into silence. A beat, then the chorus declares, “Yes! We do metal here, too.”

What even is that instrument they’re playing at the beginning? It’s not a didgeridoo, is it? How stoned do I have to be before this makes me want to revisit my nu-metal collection from 15 years ago? (Dare you to go down the autoplay rabbit-hole on this one.)

“Speak” comes from Ninjaspy‘s Spüken is out April 14. Pre-order it here!

Source: Skulls n Bones