Nytrix – Crazy Tour Stories

In this Crazy Tour Stories segment, the electronic artist, Nytrix, talks about some of his crazy moments from touring. You can check out the feature, after the break.

So this story is about the time I got to open for Kesha in Texas. I had flown into Texas (barely) due to the most insane lightning and thunderstorm weather. The show was held at an amphitheater on the beach, that was half outside and half inside. I had done my sound check and tested the equipment and it was just thundering out. Kesha then took her soundcheck, and it was actually a really special show, cause it was the first time she had performed in a while, so the fans that were waiting were really filled with excitement (and covered in glitter).

When she did her sound check, the lightening started outside, and a bit of rain began to fall.

By the time the show started, and I did my opening DJ set, there was so much lightning and thunder, you would have thought it was a planned Pyro set or something, hitting on the musical cue’s it was crazy! I was playing all kinds of tracks, bending in and out of genres from bass house to big room to electro house, and the crowd was getting so amped, and as my set progressed the weather just got wilder and wilder.

By the time Kesha took the stage, the sky was so illuminated with lightning reflecting off the water into the clouds, about every 3 minutes, it was actually beautiful. I don’t know if it was like some really weird coincidence that it was this abnormally powerful and beautiful weather, with her performing for the first time with her fans giving their entire soul to her, it was a really beautiful and powerful night to be a part of, I’ll never forget it, especially being a huge Kesha fan myself. 🙂

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Source: Digital Tour Bus