Ozzy Will Play “Bark At The Moon” During A Lunar Eclipse At An Upcoming Festival

Moonstock is a four day music festival that’s purposefully held this year during a total solar eclipse. The festival will take place between August 18 and 21 at Walker’s Bluff Vineyard in Carterville, Illinois, with the final day being the solar eclipse.

At exactly 1:20 PM, during the eclipse, Ozzy Osbourne will be performing “Bark At The Moon,” which is just fitting. Especially considering there aren’t too many solo Ozzy tours anymore, and there hasn’t been a total solar eclipse in a little under 40 years.

Honestly, I think the festival would’ve done just fine by having Ozzy perform solo at it, but the solar eclipse thing will be really, really cool. Here’s hoping someone takes (not shitty) video!

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Source: Metal Injection