Passion Pit Unveil New Instrumental Cut ‘Moonbeam’

Earlier this week, Passion Pit mastermind Michael Angelakos unleashed a triple threat on to the world with not one, not two but a massive three new tracks: ‘Inner Dialogue’, ‘Somewhere Up There’ and ‘I’m Perfect’.

Well he’s not stopping there because Michael and the crew have gifted us a fourth track, ‘Moonbea’. At under a minute and a half long, this upbeat, almost ludicrously sunny instrumental cut is short but it’s most definitely sweet.

The new song has once again been released via the YouTube page of The Wishart Group, the company that Michael recently set up to offer artists legal, educational and healthcare advice. All of the recent singles also have different iterations of the same artwork too. So, new Passion Pit album on the horizon then?

Listen to ‘Moonbeam’ below.

Source: DIY Mag