Pillorian Ex-agalloch, Uada, Etc Unveils Very Black Metal New Song, “A Stygian Pyre”

John Haughm (ex-Agalloch), Stephen Parker (Maestus, ex-Arkhum), and Trevor Matthews (Uada, ex-Infernus), have all teamed up after the demise of Agalloch to form Pillorian. The trio will release a 7″ on February 10 via Dammerung Arts/Eisenwald ahead of its Obsidian Arc debut album, due out March 10 via Eisenwald, and now we get to hear one half of the 7″ release!

“A Stygian Pyre” certainly has a very faint Agalloch tinge to it, though it’s much more straightforward in terms of its black metal tendencies than I feel like Agalloch was sometimes. I guess minus the progressive aspect, in a way, though I do love the track.

What do you think?

[via Stereogum]

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