Polands Batushka Sign To Metal Blade Records Litourgiya Reissue

Polish black metal legion Batushka are the latest additions to the Metal Blade Records’ US roster.

Pronounced “Batjushka,” the band’s Cyrillic name ??????? means “father” and is used to address an Eastern Orthodox priest. Despite their themes and imagery, they are not a Christian band. The identities of the members are unknown, but they are involved with other bands. Their live lineup contains eight members.

Metal Blade will reissue Batushka’s Litourgiya full-length, initially released in 2015 in limited quantity via Witching Hour Productions, on November 3rd.


“Yekteniya I – Ochishcheniye”
“Yekteniya II – Blagosloveniye”
“Yekteniya III – Premudrost’”
“Yekteniya IV – Milost’”
“Yekteniya V – Svyatyy Vkhod”
“Yekteniya VI – Upovanie”
“Yekteniya VII – Istina”
“Yekteniya VIII – Spasenie”

Source: BraveWords – News