Saille Reveal New Album

Belgian Black metal band SAILLE have teamed up with Metal Injection to stream the entirety of their forthcoming album Gnosis.

The band commented “We are extremely excited that we’re finally able to present our new album to the world. Months of hard work, resulting in copious amounts of blood, sweat and tears, but here it finally is: Gnosis, a conceptual album about mankind’s search for Godly knowledge and which dangers we may encounter during that quest. We venture into the realm of the Promethean ideal and its Luciferia counterpart, listen to a monologue performed by Frankenstein’s creature and reach out for the Wickedest Man in the World. Based on works on mythology, apocryphal writings and even H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath”, we’ve tried to push our boundaries, and not only lyrically. The music is harder, more dissonant and less easy-listening compared to the previous albums. No guarantees you’ll like it, but the better if you do.”

Stream Gnosis here:

Saille is:

Reinier Schenk-Guitar
Collin Boone-Guitar
Dennie Grondelaers-Vocals
Kristof Van Iseghem-Bass
Kevin De Leener-Drums



Source: XSROCK