Salems Lott Debut New Single ‘When Heaven Comes Down’

Aficionados and devotees of aggressive shock metal band Salems Lott will have a great deal of awesome new music to look forward to this May as the band prepares to release its second record, Mask Of Morality. This is not your lame, tame “let’s follow what everybody else is doing” style of music. Rather, it’s a head snapping, jaw-dropping, in your face mix of speed metal, death, glam, prog, classical elements, as well as shock and awe replete with power that is charting the course of an otherwise new era of rock.

“The themes of Mask Of Morality convey unbridled resentment, trans valuation, and greatness, as well as struggle/suffering and collectivism vs. individualism among other themes” says, lead guitarist Jett Black. “We live in a society replete with a system of values that are generalized and have become a norm which needs to be followed by one and all without questioning it, which is basically immoral.”

“The values of empathy, altruism, compassion, equality and pity, unanimously viewed as “good” today, when left unchecked can become just as easily corrupt, dangerous and authoritative,” asserts Black.

Mask Of Morality will be released in two parts. Part 1 containing three songs to be released in May and Part 2 to be released later in the summer.

The first single “When Heaven Comes Down” can be heard via the dark animated lyric video below:

Source: BraveWords – News