Sammy Hagar Says His Exit From Van Halen Was ‘Very Disheartening’

In a brand new interview with Parade, Sammy Hagar was asked if his initial departure from VAN HALEN in 1996 was the end of an era or a new beginning for him. He responded: “Both. It was end of a lot for me, because it was very disheartening for me. I was not happy about that, but was not happy in the band either. It was at a real tipping point in my life. I did not like being in that band anymore because we weren’t getting along. And I did not want to tour as much as they did. I did not want to work, work, work. I was getting ready to have my first daughter. When she was born, I just said, I don’t want to go out, and drag her all over the country. It was a weird thing, but I did not want to quit because I loved the band. So I got kicked out. And after that, it became a new chapter that I discovered my lifestyle thing and I moved to Cabo and I became Sammy Hagar. The one you see now. So, it really was a new chapter.”

Source: BlabberMouth