Scour Red

A year after their self-titled debut EP, black metallers Scour are back, and first impressions when the title tracks kicks off are that things are a bit different… there’s more bombast, more melody, and more technicality than the debut’s more primitive and raw approach. Second track “Piles” brings the barbarism I was expecting, the tremolo picking and a raging, blasting performance from Adam Jarvis behind the kit propelling the song along excellently, creating a vibe that Scour also held loud and proud on their debut, Red having tons of the vibe, feeling, and atmosphere so important to black metal.

Hard to believe that the band actually spends almost three minutes of this 15:44 EP fucking around with “Sentenced”, an interlude piece that only sort of builds atmosphere, leading into the blistering closer, “Shank”, maybe the EP’s best cut, almost catchy, but totally intense and grinding, with great guitar work and a ferocious vocal performance from Phil Anselmo as he leads Scour onward through their black metal journey, one we’ll no doubt be joining them on.

Source: BraveWords – Reviews