Tomorrows Outlook Release Theatrical Trailer for Upcoming Album

The Norwegian heavy metal band Tomorrow’s Outlook has released a theatrical trailer for their upcoming concept album A Voice Unheard.

Says the band:

“Theatrical trailers for music albums are not very common, but we decided to go this route for our upcoming concept album “A Voice Unheard”. We’re not only musicians and composers; in this case we’re also storytellers. Hence, we found it quite important to keep focus on every aspect of the album – from our distinguished guest artists and the songs themselves, to the story which lies at the heart of our journey.

“Thematically, A Voice Unheard deals with the end of the world, and one troubled man’s struggle with both his inner demons and those that plague the world around him. Through war, poverty, abuse of power and all other miseries mankind forces on itself, we forge a path towards a future which can only end in cataclysm. What would you do, if you were called upon to save us all?”

The album trailer is narrated by British actor Danny Webb, of Alien 3 fame, and features voice overs by American actor Jamieson Price, whose deep and booming voice has been heard in numerous anime and video games. And, more importantly, these two titans may also be heard on a few tracks on the album itself.

Tomorrow’s Outlook have released two teasers from the upcoming A Voice Unheard album. Both are cover songs where they are collaborating with leading members of Russia’s biggest and most famous heavy metal band, Aria. The songs are “Darkside Of Aquarius” which is off Bruce Dickinson’s fourth solo album, Accident Of Birth, from 1997 and “Slave To The Evil Force” (?? ?????? ???? ???) which is off Aria’s most famous release from 1987, Hero Of Asphalt (????? ????????).

A Voice Unheard tracklisting:

“Within The World Of Dreams” (vocals: Ralf Scheepers)
“Descent” (vocals: Tony Johannessen)
“Through Shuttered Eyes” (vocals: Tony Johannessen)
“A Voice Unheard” (vocals: Ralf Scheepers)
“Outlaw” (vocals: Scott Oliva)
“Times Of War” (vocals: Tony Johannessen)
“One Final Prayer” (vocals: Ralf Scheepers)
“The Enemy” (vocals: Ralf Scheepers)
“Fly Away” (vocals: Ralf Scheepers)
“Nothing Shall Remain” (vocals: Ralf Scheepers)
“Darkside Of Aquarius” (vocals: Tony Johannessen – Bruce Dickinson cover)
“Slave to the Evil Force” (vocals: Tony Johannessen – Aria cover)

Source: BraveWords – News