Unguided Reveal Details for Upcoming Album with New Singer

Sadly, former guitarist and singer Roland Johannsson has decided to leave The Unguided, but with new frontman Jonathan Thorpenberg, The Unguided have found the perfect replacement. After having released a 2-track EP in December of last year, it’s time to get ready for the full-length studio album. The album, entitled And The Battle Royale, is scheduled for a worldwide November 10th release via Napalm Records.

Richard Sjunnesson states: “We’ve without doubt sacrificed our five souls into this one. Everyone knew it would be a career defining record after the departure of our highly acclaimed brother and we had no intensions to disappoint our fans nor ourselves writing and record this dynamic monster with innovative producer Dino Medanhodzic. Everyone indeed brought their absolute A-game on this record and Jonathan over performed in every possible way whilst also bringing something completely new to the table. A table which much urgently needed it I’d say. Come November and the battle royale will make or break you!”


“Death’s Sting”
“The Heartbleed Bug”
“Dark Metamorphosis”
“A Link To The Past”
“Anchor Stone (Of The World)”
“Manipulate Fear”
“Force Of Nature”
“King’s Fall”
“Nighttaker” (Bonus Track)
“Daybreaker” (Bonus Track)
“Nighttaker” (Bonus Track)

The Unguided have decided to deliver a full live DVD with the limited digipak version on top of this new release. The DVD captures Roland Johansson’s farewell show in Falkenberg (Sweden) with a unique 6-man strong setting of the band.

And The Battle Royale”will be available as digital album download, as well as 6-page digipak including the already mentioned bonus DVD.

The track listing of the DVD reads as follows:

“Becoming Death” (Intro)
“King Of Clubs”
“Green Eyed Demon” (Feat. Christoffer Andersson)
“Unguided Entity”
“Betrayer Of The Code” (Feat. John Bengtsson)
“Operation: E.A.E.”
“Eye Of The Thylacine”
“Inherit The Earth”
“The Worst Day” (Revisited)
“Phoenix Down”
“Hate (And Other Triumphs)”

Pre-orders will be available shortly.

In terms of excellent songwriting, both vocalists, Richard Sjunnesson and new addition Jonathan Thorpenberg, are building up a perfect symbiosis of brutal shouts and huge melodies. Stomping industrial is gilded in heavy-handed synthesizers as a battle trophy. And The Battle Royale is a must-have for all those who value pure harshness with a good portion of sex appeal

Source: BraveWords – News