Cauterize Tremonti

CREED and ALTER BRIDGE guitarist/vocalist Mark Tremonti is a versatile cat. Most people would hardly suspect he has a soft spot for thrash, given the mainstream pop rocks he’s put his name to in the past. Tremonti once attempted to assemble a thrasher supergroup with Jamey Jasta and Joey Jordison, DOWNSHIFTER, which never got off the ground. Mark and his brother Dan soon formed the production company/record label/musicians’ community Fret12, leading to the construction of Mark’s instructional video, “Mark Tremonti: The Sound and the Story” and his first solo album, “All I Was”. Tremonti has since gone on a creative splurge, penning 25 songs intended for two albums to be released this year, “Cauterize” and “Dust”. Bringing none other than Wolfgang Van Halen into the studio on bass for these projects, Mark Tremonti seeks to have a huge year.

Source: blabbermouth