Return To Forever Scorpions

Yeah, like KISS, the SCORPIONS said they were hanging it up. That was apparently until they realized they could hit the fifty-year mark by clinging on a bit longer. For their eighteenth album, “Return to Forever”, the SCORPIONS access their archives for previously shelved tunes from the “Blackout”, “Love at First Sting”, “Savage Amusement” and “Crazy World” sessions, though the songs on “Return to Forever” span the band’s musical journey through 2014. The SCORPIONS added new arrangements and lyrics, with the word “rock” appearing to the point of gross misconduct, to these tracks and laid down a couple of newbies including “Going Out With a Bang” and “We Built This House”. All tracks are recorded by the current lineup: Klaus Meine, Matthias Jabs, Rudolf Schenker, James Kottak and Pawe? M?ciwoda. “Return to Forever” is a novelty record with a few quirks, made excusable by the band’s lust to keep, er, rocking.

Source: blabbermouth