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It takes about six-minutes to enter Endon’s Through the Mirror. A thundering beat is blasted over a barrage of noise. It’s an intense opener that gets the blood pumping. Well, until the effect wears off and things never feel like they’re changing much. But maybe at the same time it’s Endon’s test. Something to weed out the casual listener. Because Endon are anything but casual. And this intro is way too damn long.

Tokyo, Japan’s claustrophobic, madness-inducing metal merchants have unleashed their latest aural assault Through the Mirror. The band is no stranger to menace, if their stateside debut MAMA has anything to say about it, which Hydra Head graced us with (thank the gods). And if you were into that release even a little, you’re going to find Through the Mirror might just put your damn head through a mirror and rub in the shards.

Through the Mirror is a lot of things. Aggressive electronics and maddening sound aside, for now, the record is like an exercise in mental collapse. There’s ups and downs, blasting bits of nonsense and even some serene stuff through and through, but that last bit is seldom around for long. Once “Your Ghost is Dead Hits”, it feels like the album has almost kicked into full, desperate gear. It’s got a black metal feel to it, as the noise wails with the music. The song is another builder that goes through freak outs and even comes down for a bit weeping and wailing. And by the time it’s over, it’s like the track is beating you into the ground.

Endon is difficult to pin down. Songs are incredibly distinctive and versatile. What’s more, is that, intro track aside, only sometimes feels like they’re stretching something to thin or laying it on too thick. “Born in Limbo” is an interesting track that sounds more cheesy than frightening. It even uses a female Wilhelm scream. However, the savage slab that follows it, “Pensum” is so fucking violent that you’d think the band just killed someone.

Still, there’s more adventure on the epic “Perversion Til Death”, a ten-minute showcase of madness, shrieks and duality. A slow guitar melody plays over a slamming drum beat while the noise flies all over the place. It’s got a little bit of everything that Endon have to offer. Sludgy, noisy, crushing pace, some calm, some violence. It’s not the perfect Endon summary but what surprised me is that it managed to be never boring or overblown despite its constant slow burn.

Through the Mirror isn’t perfect but it’s got personality, and Endon is mimicking no one. The album sounds like catharsis. If madness is your cup and you like music that goes off the rails, then Endon have an album for you. It’s fragile and threatening all at once. A trip through this mirror may just be the ugliest self-examination you’ve ever been through.

Score: 8/10

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