Dark Horizon Release Music Video for ‘Sea Sirens Voices’ Hollywood Version

Dark Horizon have released a video for “Sea Sirens Voices” (Hollywood Version), featured on the recently released digital version of Metalhead, the limited edition EP pressed in 300 copies in March 2016. Find the video below.

This release, published by Tanzan Music, contains the unreleased track “I Wanna Be A Metalhead”, “Sea Sirens Voices” (Hollywood Edition) taken from the forthcoming new album Aenigma (Underground Symphony) and the covers “Lucifer’s Hammer” (Warlord) and “Free” (Heavy Load).


“I Wanna Be A Metalhead”
“Lucifer’s Hammer”
“Sea Sirens Voices” (Hollywood Version)

“Sea Sirens Voices” (Hollywood Version) video:


Roberto Quassolo – vocals
Daniele Mandelli – guitar
Alessandro Battini – keyboards
Luca Capelli – drums
Paolo Veluti – bass

Source: BraveWords – News