Grimes Has Produced Aristophanes’ New Song ‘???? Humans Become Machines ‘

The latest single to come from Taiwanese MC Aristophanes is out in the wild, and it’s produced by a familiar face and past collaborator. ‘???? (Humans Become Machines)’ marks Grimes’ first stint producing for another artist, and as you’d expect, it’s a total banger.

The pair previously linked up from Grimes’ latest album ‘Art Angels,’ for the brilliantly ferocious ‘Scream’. This new cut will appear as the title-track of Aristophanes’ forthcoming full-length album. The MC has previously worked alongside Arcade Fire’s Will Butler, too; he produced last year’s ‘Untitled’ demo.

In an Instagram post, Grimes was full of excitement about Aristophanes’ forthcoming material. “She’s an amazing experimental wordsmith from Taiwan, and you may remember her as the lead vocalist from ‘Scream,’” she wrote, adding, ”she’s one of my favourite artists.”

Listen to ’???? (Humans Become Machines)’ below.

Source: DIY Mag