Kid Rock Makes Racist Pro Trump Merch Now

The most famous lyric Kid Rock ever wrote is, “Bawitdaba, da bang, da dang diggy diggy diggy, said the boogie, said up jump the boogie.” So you don’t expect this dude to be a member of MENSA. And to Rock’s credit, he’s doing everything he can to not thwart those expectations.


Take, for example, these new merch items now available in his webstore or wherever cheap, poorly made redneck attire is sold:


Rock previously praised Trump’s campaign, calling it “entertaining as shit.” That’s a real quote from a real interview.

According to Fox News (shut up, I was doing research), Rock decided to make the merch “after a Photoshopped picture of the singer donning Pro-Trump gear went viral.” So the guy is a lemming.

That being the case, I suggest that everyone spread this Photoshopped picture of Rock around the web and see if we can get him to start making these shirts, too:


Source: Metal Sucks