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Ever week I select three bands that got my attention by releasing some new exciting stuff!

My bands for these week are Decapitated (Technical Death Metal),Vokonis(Stoner/Sludge) And Bloodclot(Hardcore/Punk)


Genre: Technical Death Metal
Krosno, Poland

Decapitated are back with their seventh full length album called Anticult!
I discovered them I think 5 years ago when they were announced as support for Lamb Of God.
Around that time they were promoting their record Carnival Is Forever.

I was surprised about how groovy and refreshing they sounded after the lineup change, this because of a terrible accident.
Since that day I became a fan of these Polish bastards!

If you love melodic riffs with a progressive touch to itbut played sharp as a blade then you really should check out DECAPITATED.
The few songs that are released of the new album ANTICULT are some real powerful songs!
So Decapitated is ready to destroy the world!

For fans of: Suffaction, Immolation,Lamb Of God


Genre: Stoner/Sludge
Borås, Sweden
From the mighty landscapes of Borås, Sweden there lives a band that’s called Vokonis and they play some pretty dirty Stoner/Sludge rock!

A little bit of history about Vokonis:
Vokonis formed out of the ashes from another band called Creedsmen Arise. Creedsmen Arise suddenly vanished. Simon regrouped with Emil and Jonte to form a new band. Vokonis was born!

And now there is a new album from these stoners coming up called The Sunken Djinn.
It’s full with heavy mighty stoner riffs!
For me a stoner album must have a really nice groovy feel to it !
Like classics like The action is go (Fu Manchu) or Blues for the red sun (Kyuss)
The Sunken Djinn is that kind of album. It has that nice groove to it and before you know it you already got the last song!

The Sunken Djinn is a must have for everyone who loves some good stoner vibes!

For fans of: High On Fire, Kyuss, Monolord


Genre: Hardcore/Punk
New York City/Los Angles
Time for some hardcore/punk this time and not just from any band, it’s BLOODCLOT
with John Joseph on vocals (Cro-Mag) On Guitar its Todd Youth (ex-Murphy’s Law, ex-Danzig) on Bass Nick Oliveri (QOTSA, The Dwarves,Kyuss) and on the motherfucking drums it’s Joey THE BEAST Castillo (QOTSA, The Bronx)

Now you know who is in this supergroup but how do they sound?
Now I can tell you this is like punk should sound like: no bullshit, just fucking go!
It’s very energetic, raw and in your face!
Every time I review a Punk band I don’t really know what to say because it all sounds fast and the same. What really can separate bands from being a clone from some other band is their attitude and their energy!
And Bloodclot has it all!

Of course you couldn’t get a fake attitude from these guys because they are really living for their music !
This new album of Bloodclot is a real beauty and a nice punch to the face !

For fans of: Bad Brains,Cro Mags,Pennywise

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