Stream Boston Manors Cover of Twenty One Pilots Heathens

Boston Manor

Stream Boston Manor’s cover of twenty one pilots’ Suicide Squad mega-hit, Heathens.

The pop-punks took on the single for the latest edition of Punk Goes Pop, which was released on Friday.

Check it out below, and let us know how you think they did in the comments!

And, while you’re here, watch the video for the original:

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12 Reasons twenty one pilots Are Taking Over The World

Wondering how twenty one pilots became the biggest phenomenon in music? From their incredible one-of-a-kind music to their ever-growing fanbase, the Skeleton Clique, step inside the sensational unity of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun…

12. Tyler And Josh Are Brilliantly Entertaining

Not only are they completely captivating onstage (more on that later), twenty one pilots are hilariously good fun off it, too. A quick search on YouTube will bring up videos of the band hitting Disneyland together, hanging out on a farm, ruining each other’s dressing rooms with bananas, and just generally having a laugh whatever they do. Never a dull moment, eh?

11. Their Logo Is Super-Meaningful

Recognise this symbol? The red, black and white logo that has become so iconic is, in Tyler’s mind, an encouragement for people to create. “It doesn’t have to be artistic, but if you create something and only you know the meaning of it, that’s the beginning of purpose for you,” he says. Yep, inspiring people to be creative is an extremely cool thing.

10. Josh Is An Amazing Drummer

The path to world domination certainly isn’t an easy one, but it’s even harder if you don’t have the musicians to back you up. Thankfully, sticksman Josh Dun is one of the most mesmerising drummers in the business, nailing solos on top of the crowd, hitting his cymbals harder than anyone and playing at speeds you could only dream to keep up with. In short: he absolutely rules.

9. They Launched Their Own #TOPDebate

Tyler and Josh amazing at interacting with their fans, but last year they went one further created the ultimate platform for the Skeleton Clique – with fans rallying together in a presidential-style debate to vote for their favourite member. 250k+ votes later, the results came back as a 50/50 tie, with both Tyler and Josh tattooing each other’s names onstage. Amazing.

8. They’ve Worked Their Way Up To Massive Crowds

The band’s February 2016 UK headline tour saw them playing two nights at London’s prestigious 5,000-capacity O2 Academy Brixton, but twenty one pilots weren’t always performing in front of such big audiences. In their music video for Ode To Sleep, you can see them playing to just 12 people – a regular occurrence when they first started out. These sorts of crowds taught them how to grab people’s attention and put on the best show they could. Other bands: take note.

7. Tyler’s Lyrics Are Haunting

Whether he’s in full flow spitting genius lyrics over Josh’s drumbeat, or simply sat at his piano – or, in this case, an accordion – with nothing but his voice and the music, Tyler’s words have never been anything less than breathtaking. The emotional Goner, which hears him singing, ‘I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath’, is one of the best examples of how moving his lyrics can be. Anyone else got goosebumps?

6. Their Fans Dress Like Them

Attend a twenty one pilots show and you’ll see fans with their hands and necks painted black à la Tyler Joseph, representing Blurryface and their deepest insecurities. You’ll also see Skeleton Clique members with bright eyeliner like Josh Dun, or wearing skeleton onesies, or red beanies, or flowery kimonos… and pretty much anything else to exhibit twenty one pilots’ flamboyant wardrobe changes. It makes the whole experience feel even more of an event, and it’s flippin’ epic.

5. Their Music Videos Are Amazing

That jump in Lane Boy. The handshake in Stressed Out. The crowd parting in Car Radio. Jenna Joseph punching Tyler in the face during Tear In My Heart. twenty one pilots’ videos are just as colourful and entertaining as the band themselves, and there really are too many fantastic moments to mention. Our favourite on-screen point, though? The disappearance of Tyler and Josh’s legs in House Of Gold. HOW IS JOSH STILL DRUMMING? We’re stumped.

4. They’ve Got Their Own Handshake

Secret handshakes are kinda lame, no? Well, not if you’re Tyler and Josh, whose overblown handshake in the video for Stressed Out has seen fans from all over the globe learning it to absolute perfection – and even joining the band onstage to do it with Josh. We gave it a go once in the office once, and poked ourselves in the eye. Never. Again.

3. They Cover Many Genres

You’ve probably seen phrases like “alternative hip-hop” and “ukulele screamo” thrown around when looking up twenty one pilots, but there’s so much more to them than that. There are elements of rock, rap, indie, electro, pop, reggae and more in their music… In fact, there’s so much going on, you can barely list every genre covered. On paper, it sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it totally does.

2. They Tackle Important Topics

twenty one pilots are a very important band because they address serious subjects head-on. While their latest album, Blurryface, introduced Tyler’s personification of self-doubt and anxiety to huge acclaim, the band’s entire discography is littered with topics that need to be talked about, while encouraging people to take control of their demons and turn them into something positive.

1. They Put On A Live Show Like No-One Else

Whether it’s Josh backflipping off the piano during Holding On To You and soloing on top of the crowd during Ride, or Tyler leaping across the stage in Tear In My Heart, dropping to the ground during Heavydirtysoul, shuffling along to Lane Boy or scaling the venue for fan-favourite Car Radio, twenty one pilots’ high-energy shows are simply exhilarating. We’re tired just thinking about it, so we have no idea how they keep it up… Phew.

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