Terminal Nation Absolute Control

A runtime of 12 minutes and 39 seconds; on Deep Six Records; the word “powerviolence” thrown around by the label: I’m getting the feeling that I’m going to like Arkansas’ Terminal Nation. And, yup, I do: the band channels old L.A. hardcore, California powerviolence, and even nasty metallic hardcore at times on this quick bruiser. It’s the powerviolence that pleases the most, the band doing a mid-tempo Spazz/Despise You mashup on tunes like “Numb To The Pain”, while “Violator/Violated” goes to the sludgier places that at least the latter two of the three aforementioned genre points of reference enjoy spending time in.

At 2:44, it feels like Neurosis on this EP filled with short songs, although the two that come after it also hover around 2 minutes, giving Absolute Control an interesting flow, but one that never loses energy or direction. I wouldn’t say Terminal Nation have tons of personality or originality, but they have tons of heart and deliver a refreshing take on some of the best sounds of the underground.

Source: BraveWords – Reviews